Easy to use... Easy to see immediate business benefits...

The tablet enables and supports a mobile workforce to focus on their core tasks whilst ensuring that requirements relating to health and safety, technical compliance, start of day activities, logistics/stores ordering, assets and engineering processes are met.

The tablet issued to the workforce provides a set of integrated tools:

  • Easy to use Desktop with large button interface
  • Data capture forms for site audits, time-sheets, risk assessments, daily vehicle checks and more
  • Document storage and reader for technical manuals, drawings, maps and routine operation instructions
  • Alerting for health and safety bulletins, jobs and toolbox talks
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping and location services for assets and site locations
  • Controlled access to Web resources such as company Web site, the Energy & Utility Skills register (EUSR) and weather forecast

Intelligent data transfer

If a mobile or wifi signal is not available, forms can still be completed while the system intelligently sends the form data and documents in the background as soon as a signal is found, all without any user interaction.

This makes the mobile workforce tablet ideal for use in remote and rural locations.

Easy deployment to the field...

All the tablets in the field are controlled from our easy to use secure administration portal.

Smart Document Solutions can provide all the hardware and software needed for your mobile workforce to start taking advantage of this solution immediately, from a 5 tablet set up to a large scale workforce deployment.

We can also configure the software to provide you with any specific or bespoke services you need to operate your business.

Our team is happy to discuss your data issues and to suggest the most relevant technology for you. 

Our tablet solutions are available for on-going work, or for specific short term projects.  This makes Smart Document Solutions an ideal partner for Alliance or multi-disciplinary team projects.