All the features you need to improve your performance; manage health, safety and quality; and ensure compliance.

  • Our tablet has been designed for a mobile workforce engaged in construction, maintenance and operation of utility services and theme parks to enable data-driven business processes to be improved.

Smart workforce tablet

  • Our tablet solutions are provided as a fully managed service.  All the hardware and software required is provided, be it a 5 tablet trial or a full-scale workforce deployment.   We manage the technology so you can focus on your core business.  Our solutions are evolving constantly, keeping pace with the needs of our customers and developments in technology.  Timesheets, a technical audit and a health and safety audit are included to get you started.  But, ask us to configure the software to provide you with any specific or bespoke services you need to operate your business.

New functionality and capabilities are coming online on a regular basis.

Integrated tools

Our tablet solutions offer an easy-to-use desktop with a large button interface, data capture forms (for site audits, daily vehicle checks, timesheets and more), document storage and document reader (for technical manuals, drawings, maps and routine operation instructions), alerting (for health and safety bulletins, jobs and toolbox talks), GPS mapping and location services (for assets and site locations) and controlled access to web resources.  (Web access from the tablet can be tightly controlled so that the user can only access sites that have been approved by the administrator.  This allows for the viewing of useful web based Technical Material but blocks distractions such as game sites, news sites and Facebook).


The system comes ready configured with the following sample forms out of the box, which can be used as they are or modified to suit the exact needs of your business:

  • Timesheet
  • Health and Safety assessment
  • Technical assessment

New forms can be added quickly and easily using

Picture of hands holding a tablet showing graphs – link the National Grid graphs.

Managed centrally

All our tablets in the field are controlled from our easy to use secure administration portal.

Manage the flow of information across your remote workforce and ensure all workers receive up-to-date work instructions and timely H&S briefings.  You decide who has access to additional applications, websites, form processes, reporting and documents. 

Document management

Documents can be quickly and easily published to the tablets in the field via the document manager section of the administration portal, which ensures that the field worker always has up to date versions of any documentation.

The tablet manages all updates in the background without the need for user-interaction and alerts the user to new incoming documents via the Alerting system.  The document manager and reader will display many document formats including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and Adobe PDF files.

Examples of the type of documents published are:

  • Technical manuals
  • Procedure documents
  • Technical drawings up to A0 size with easy to use zoom in and out
  • Site maps and photos
  • Health and Safety bulletins

The document management section of the administration portal allows total control of which documents are sent to which user.  Messages can be sent back to the administrator to confirm that a document has been read.  The web portal is easy to operate with minimal training.

Forms data capture

The sophisticated but simple to use forms application has been designed specifically for data collection within the utilities services sector.  Users complete the forms using tick boxes, drop down menus and free text entry.  The user can complete multiple forms at the same time.

Publishing new forms


Embedded Documents

Forms can embed documents and images from the document manager within the form itself. For example, if an engineer is working on a specific asset which is described in the form, then the system can present technical or location information about that asset from the document management system.

Intelligent data transfer

If a mobile or wifi signal is not available, forms can still be completed while the system intelligently sends the form data and documents in the background as soon as a signal is found, all without any user interaction.  Our solutions are ideal for use in remote and rural locations.

Picture of hands holding a tablet showing graphs – link the National Grid graphs.

Action management

View outstanding actions (for example major or minor non-compliance at a glance).  See the status of actions you have assigned to individuals, suppliers or contractors.  Email alerts can be sent to notify the person responsible that action is required. 

Set up a dashboard where you can see everything outstanding issue in your area.

(picture of hands holding a tablet with Merlin's reporting system on it).

Customised reporting

Data capture is only the beginning.  Once your data is submitted, our flexible cloub-based reporting dashboard enables you to chop and change your reporting parameters.  Instant reports in Word allow for fully customised reporting.   This works well across a variety of functions including:

  • Health and Safety
  • Environmental
  • Asset maintenance
  • Quality
  • Performance

Summary information allows for as much or as little information as is necessary. 

Reporting specific types of incident, audit, inspection or action

You can filter data to show specific types such as incidents, audits, inspections and actions. And filter actions according to status.

It’s easy to set up a list of customised reports to run weekly, monthly or annually.  Save your dashboard filters for instant access to the information you use regularly.

Starting inspections

You can initiate inspections and audits on your desktop or tablet wherever you are whether you’re online or offline using tablets or desktop.  The system is automatically updated ready for reporting or additional information at a later time.


(Picture showing some nice reporting)

Annotating Maps

Ask about our new map features, ideal for drawing/plotting and marking work, hazards, assets and access information on maps.


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