Central Management and Control

Management and control of resources held on the tablets is easily controlled via a Web based administration portal.

The Web based portal enables the administrator to:

  • Publish documents to the mobile workforce and ensure that all users have the correct versions of documents
  • Publish new forms directly to the tablets in the field
  • Manage Web site access - only websites allowed by the administrator can be accessed from the tablet browser
  • Manage user and group entitlements to ensure correct permissions are set for document and resource availability
  • Configure business workflow - completed forms can be sent from one device to another
  • Carry out password administration

The Web based portal is easy to operate with minimal training.


Our Mobile Workforce solution is secure:

  • All Mobile Workforce Tablets in the field are password protected
  • Data transmitted to and from the Tablet is secured via 256 bit military grade encryption.
  • Stored data is held securely in a state of the art data centre.

We can also configure the package to host data within your own environment if required.