SmartDS - Demoing at Global Innovation Summit in Manchester this week

Lynne Demos Mixed Reality Software Scenaria to Dave Thurgood - Technology Scout Healthcare on Global R&D projects for Walgreens Boots Alliance

Lynne Demos Mixed Reality Software Scenaria to Dave Thurgood - Technology Scout Healthcare on Global R&D projects for Walgreens Boots Alliance

800 delegates descended on Manchesters Victoria Dock this week for Eureka’s Global Innovation Summit - a 3 day event hosting innovation stakeholders from organisations and funding authorities across the globe - including Korea, Sweden and the UK.

SmartDS were one of 6 companies invited to the spotlight stage to demo Scenaria - our new software platform for Mixed Reality.

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The EUREKA Global Innovation Summit is an international meeting place for businesses and innovation agencies to share knowledge, network, collaborate and secure future business growth opportunities. Businesses from across the globe will join international innovation agencies, research organisations and policy makers for unique insights, practical ideas, inspirational stories and collaborative solutions.

SmartDS are looking for client projects - 3-5 months for consultative rapid prototyping of Mixed Reality solutions to make training cheaper, faster and safer for your organisation. Projects start at £20,000 but please contact us for other funding and collaboration opportunities.

The Future of Training - Digital Catapult showcase SmartDS

London’s Digital Catapult kicked off their 3 month immersive tech training showcase last week.

SmartDS were one of six companies selected from 90 applications to be included in this UK wide technology accelerator programme.

120 delegates from training organisations in healthcare, defense, manufacturing and the creative industries were able to learn, demo and share holographic training experiences - many, for the first time. Follow the link below for more information or to see the showcase at the London and Belfast Digital Catapult offices.

Developing the dental workforce for the future -

Technology and innovation conference.

SmartDS were asked to support Prof. Pramod Luthra at last weeks COPDEND conference in Birmingham.

The team demoed Mixed Reality training prototypes to a number of delegates including representatives from Health Education England and Kings College London.

We also did a live Miracast demo to the auditorium, allowing the delegates to view on screen the in-HoloLens view of the headset user.

The demo included an introduction to an immunotherapy story shown in holograms.

If you’d like to commission us to develop a training experience for your organisation, please contact us.

What do engineers want?

SmartDS were featured at the Advanced Engineering Expo in Birmingham last week.

We met with engineers from across the world and demoed Mixed Reality training using Microsoft HoloLens.

From our discussion we found the challenges they have are:

 1) Training - new products, new  processes & inspection,

2) Product design - testing, fault finding, communicating,

3) Sales/marketing - showing complex products, processes,

4) Speed of change - Brexit, lack of engineers, move to iot, industry 4.0, rapid advances in technologies, complexity of client requirements.

If this sounds like your organisation, and you’d like to hear how holographic training experiences can help your engineering organisation, please contact us.