SmartDS engage young scientists at Liverpool STEM's Big Bang NW

SmartDS were invited to demo Mixed Reality experiences to junior science and engineering delegates at this week's Big Bang Expo in Liverpool.  7000 school aged children attended the event on Tuesday and some were already familiar with the HoloLens (from watching YouTube).  The children were able to interact with, move and resize a variety of holograms.

big bang STEM July 2018.JPG

Hologram training for difficult environments

Are you an innovator working in the oil and gas, chemical or nuclear sectors?  We are exploring holographic training for environments that are dangerous, hard to get to or are simply too large or too small to work with easily.  And, we'd love to speak to you.

By bringing holographic assets into training environments we can optimise activities to reduce the time and complexity of tasks before entering a dangerous areas such as hazard identification and location and task scheduling.

Holographic computing can improve the working experience and productivity of operators by providing such things as:

  • improved communications
  • reduced exposure time to radiation and contamination
  • better real-time information to the operator and supervisor (such as environment, task progress and operator health.


 Steve visits RACE at the UK Atomic Energy Authority at Culham.

Steve visits RACE at the UK Atomic Energy Authority at Culham.