Hologram training for difficult environments

Are you an innovator working in the oil and gas, chemical or nuclear sectors?  We are exploring holographic training for environments that are dangerous, hard to get to or are simply too large or too small to work with easily.  And, we'd love to speak to you.

By bringing holographic assets into training environments we can optimise activities to reduce the time and complexity of tasks before entering a dangerous areas such as hazard identification and location and task scheduling.

Holographic computing can improve the working experience and productivity of operators by providing such things as:

  • improved communications
  • reduced exposure time to radiation and contamination
  • better real-time information to the operator and supervisor (such as environment, task progress and operator health.


 Steve visits RACE at the UK Atomic Energy Authority at Culham.

Steve visits RACE at the UK Atomic Energy Authority at Culham.

SmartDS present at The Innovation Safari

SmartDS presented at The Innovation Safari, a UK Energy Innovation Awards 2017 fringe event,  held in Liverpool. 

What is it?

A two-hour immersive experience, The Innovation Safari will bring together SME innovators and energy industry partners for a pre-awards event celebrating the brightest ideas and the best technologies.

A 'safari' of expert talks, cutting-edge technology, compelling experiences and game-changing meetings to inspire and challenge perceptions of the future of the energy industry!