We are interested in innovation and want to take our experience and ideas to new markets.  We would love to design tablet solutions to benefit the maritime sector. 

  • Forms and inspections to check/report on non- compliance/non-conformity
  • Alerting system for major non-conformity
  • Issue close-out solution
  • Documents outlining policies, plans and procedures
  • Certificates and licenses in line with regulations

Calling all Pursers - need a crew list for training, HR issues or payroll, cabin allocation, spot checks, or procedure?

Or a Ship Safety Officer looking to improve the ship safety system, we can help you.

In fact if you are a:-

  • Merchant mariner
  • Commercial fisherman
  • Purser
  • Engineering Manager
  • Ship Safety Officer
  • Director of Operations
  • a cruise company
  • the MCA
  • a super yacht company
  • Head of Fleet, or the
  • Captain

Talk to us about our tablet, web and cloud-based solutions to manage risk and safety. Our cloud data store and reporting dashboards facilitate action management across multiple locations.