Full Hardware Provision

We can provide all the hardware and software needed for your mobile workforce to start taking advantage of this solution immediately.

This includes the tablet or mobile phone device, the data contract, protective covers, all charging equipment required to keep the device charged on the move, and all software installed and ready to use.

We can provide a wide variety of hardware platforms from small mobile phones through to 11 inch tablet devices. Our most popular device is a 7 inch tablet which makes it easy to use the tablet with one hand, is big enough to be able to display and read A1 drawings, but small enough to put into a pocket.

We can also configure the software to provide you with any specific or bespoke services you need to operate your business.

Our hardware is carefully selected to ensure the following are all provided:

  • Work all day from a single battery charge
  • Touch screen and protective case
  • Can be held securely in one hand
  • Bright, high quality screen
  • 3G, 4G and mobile Wifi capability
  • Global Positioning System (GPS) mapping
  • Video and photo capture

We can also provide a software only solution if you already have mobile devices deployed in the field.

Hardened Mobile Operating System

Smart Document Solutions’ tablet has a unique hardened operating system, ensuring your data is secure and your file store encrypted.

The lock-down browser, prevents users consuming large amounts of 3G by accessing or downloading unnecessary applications and guarantees data transfer even in rural areas with patchy 3G.