Document Management and Publication to devices

Documents can be quickly and easily published to the Tablets in the field via the document manager section of the administration portal, which ensures that the field worker always has up to date versions of any documentation.

The Tablet manages all updates in the background without the need for user interaction and alerts the user to new incoming documents via the Alerting system.

The document manager and reader will display many document formats including Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and Adobe PDF files.

Examples of the type of documents published are:

  • Technical manuals
  • Procedure documents
  • Technical drawings up to A0 size with easy to use zoom in and out
  • Site maps and photos
  • Health and Safety bulletins

The Document Management section of the administration portal allows total control of which documents are sent to which user.

Messages can be sent back to the administrator to confirm that a document has been read.

Embedding documents into data capture forms

Documents and images can be embedded from the document store on the device into data capture forms. For example, if an engineer is working on a specific asset which is described in the form, then the system can present technical or location information about that asset from the document management system, directly from within the form itself.

Out of the box

The system comes pre-configured with the document manager out of the box.